Publishing Art

« Publishing Art », Journal of Artist’s Books, n°37, avril 2015, p. 32-33. [+]

The growth of artist’s books in the 1960s and 1970s has to be viewed in relation to the forms and procedures of the art of that time, but also according to the desire to find an alternative to institutional contexts or art dealers. This will of the artists comes as much from necessity as choice: necessity, because the institutions of that time were showing little interest in recent works, which challenged the values of art established over the preceding decades; and choice, because the same institutions were the guardians of those very values, which is why the artists had to get out of their clutches, and set up alternative art institutions. But art institutions aren’t the only things that artist’s books called, and still do call, into question. Although it might be accidental, these publications also constitute an alternative to normal ways of publishing.